Be Still, My Soul

I wanted to let you know that my novel Be Still, My Soul, was recently released in e-book format.  Below is a review, the synopsis, and ordering information.

Be Still, My Soul, a novel by Richard S. Cohen, cover

<strong>5.0 out of 5 stars Engagingly written

By  Midwest Book Review (Oregon, WI USA)</strong>

It’s the eve of World War II. Aaron Lobel an immigrant Jew and Boston doctor, had married into a wealthy Catholic-Protestant family, and after thirty years of marriage to Jocelyn, a renowned singer, they have four sons. But Aaron’s Jocelyn’s lives, aside from their conflicts, is now complicated by fear for their sons now in the various services. They also deal with a female German double agent, working for the British, who marries into the family — not to mention Jocelyn’s brother who spies for British Intelligence.  In recreating the world of the opening pre-war years of the 1940s and the war years, author Richard Cohen has drawn from his own family’s history and paid meticulous attention to historical detail enhancing his fast-paced narrative. Engagingly written, Be Still, My Soul reveals that no family, no matter how privileged, was able to stave off the effects of one of the most destructive and wide-flung wars of recorded human history.

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“I remember my mother Jocelyn.” She accompanied “me to the induction center.” She could follow me no further… “I can never forget the expression

on her face, the sadness, the tears, for she had suffered through the entire war for all her sons…”

With this indelible impression, Jeremie, the youngest Lobel son, introduces his family as it faces the turmoil of the late 1930s and then endures World

War II and battle’s toll. Jocelyn, Catholic, a renowned singer, has married a Jewish physician, Aaron, a man of medical achievements. They struggle

throughout their marriage not only because of conflicting careers, religion, and social status but with the fear of four sons in service during World War

II. Moreover, Jocelyn’s brother, Joseph, has become an agent for the British prior to hostilities and works and spies in the Middle East, Africa, and

Europe. He also marries a German double agent Elena, working for the allies. She comes to the United States to live. Mistakenly believing her

husband died in battle, she returns to occupied France. Jocelyn, meanwhile, seeks a semblance of stability while trying to reconcile differences with

Aaron and also with her difficult daughter-in-law. These accumulating home problems occur as her sons’ letters arrive describing their trials on the

battlefields while withholding their knowledge of a murder by Joseph. Eventually, Jocelyn’s strength preserves the family and herself through

tragedy and eventual worldwide peace.

2013, CCP Publishing


ISBN-13: 978-1-77143-058-6

$7.95 U.S. / e-book edition

317 pages


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E-OPTION Richard Shain Cohen’s novel—Be Still, My Soul—about a family’s struggle to endure World World II and the lasting impacts of such conflict, is now available in an e-book edition for the Kindle. To read more about the book, click HERE.

Buy direct from the Author via Paypal.  Add to your cart.

(Shipping Information: Domestic Shipping is $6 for up to three books. For orders of more than three books, shipping only costs $1. Books will be sent via standard flat rate box shipping. Please note: Maine residents will be charged a sales tax of 5%. International Shipping is $12 US for up to three books. For orders of more than three books, a shipping rate of $18 US applies.)

Be Still, My Soul is also available from: Amazon,, Kobo, Google, and many other online retailers worldwide.


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