Our Seas of Fear and Love by Richard Shain Cohen is a compelling novel of an ongoing love story that spans over several decades starting after World War II. The characters are well developed and believable as they are interwoven into a story that hits the emotional highs and lows of couples through times of adversity. The story reminds us that even people of high moral standards and values can be corrupted through lust and money. This story will draw you in from the first chapter and keep you reading until the last word. You actually feel as if you are living the story which can only happen when the writing is superb like Cohen’s.  –Bonnie Kaye, M.Ed., Counselor and Author of ManReaders: A Woman’s Guide to Dysfunctional Men

This meticulously crafted novel reads like a family saga, spanning about fifty years.  The author weaves the warp of individual characters into the woof of both national and global affairs with great clarity.  The tangled love relationships are described with Ovidian candor.  Bolder than Lawrence, more revealing than Nabokov, and more explicit than Roth, this novel skirts prurience because the sexual details are handled with clinical detachment.  Sharply observed and deeply felt, the narrative plays out against the unifying backdrop of the ocean, which with its changing moods serves as a natural metaphor for the tempestuous changes that occur in history and the lives of individuals.  A compelling must read.          –J. Arthur Faber, Ph.D. , writer, Professor of English Emeritus, Wittenberg University

5.0 out of 5 stars Engagingly written
By Midwest Book Review (Oregon, WI USA)

It’s the eve of World War II. Aaron Lobel an immigrant Jew and Boston doctor, had married into a wealthy Catholic-Protestant family, and after thirty years of marriage to Jocelyn, a renowned singer, they have four sons. But Aaron’s Jocelyn’s lives, aside from their conflicts, is now complicated by fear for their sons now in the various services. They also deal with a female German double agent, working for the British, who marries into the family — not to mention Jocelyn’s brother who spies for British Intelligence.  In recreating the world of the opening pre-war years of the 1940s and the war years, author Richard Cohen has drawn from his own family’s history and paid meticulous attention to historical detail enhancing his fast-paced narrative. Engagingly written, Be Still, My Soul reveals that no family, no matter how privileged, was able to stave off the effects of one of the most destructive and wide-flung wars of recorded human history.


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